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Newsletter: June 2021

Important dates 

31st May - Bank holiday 

31st May to the 4th June - Half term week

7th June - all children back

We would like to thank all of our parents for their patience at collection times. We understand that you can be at the door for a longer period as we get the children ready for you. We are trying to minimise your waiting times. 

We would like to welcome Kelly our new Preschool room leader to the Holborough Lakes site. A message for key children will be going onto tapestry. If you are unsure of your child key person please talk to you manage Jo or Kelly.

Please can all parents label all their children’s clothes so we can ensure they get put into the correct bags and sent home. 

Please can you let your manager know of which school your child is attending in September.

Please can you send your children in with Sun cream and a sun hat ready for the hotter weather.

What the Children will be focusing on

Baby Room

The baby room are havening a sensory month. They will be creating corn flour mixtures for the babies to play with. They will be body painting feeling the paint. The babies will be having ice cube play now the weather is warmer encouraging them to feel the different textures. 

Toddler Room    

Will be looking at bugs, they will be creating their own craft bugs for displays and to take home. They will be learning about the life cycle of the butterfly and reading the hungry caterpillar. The children will be playing bug bingo!

Preschool Room 

For the month of June the preschool room will be learning about different bugs. They will be moving like bugs, making us stories about bugs and creating their own craft bugs. They will be learning about what a bug does for the environment. The preschool children will be learning and creating rhymes with and about bugs. The letters of the month are C, K, E, H and R. The preschool children will be focusing on numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8. 

Nursery Fees 

Nursery fees are to be paid no later than the 7TH of each month. Fees can be paid via BACS. Cash and cheques are also accepted. Please pay these to Jo or Kelly in the office.   If you have any queries regarding invoices, please email to Thankyou.


Early Years Pupil Premium

Early years pupil premium is funding that is available to support 3 and 4 year olds with their learning and development. We as a setting could can claim this extra funding when parents of 3 and 4 year olds are receiving certain benefits or for children who have been in care or are adopted. This funding will benefit the child through better resources catered to their individual needs. Please speak to the office if you have any questions about EYPP.


Nursery Fees

Nursery fees are to be paid no later than the 7th of each month. Fees can be paid via BACS, Cash and cheques are also accepted.  Just to remind you, a 5% charge may be added to all balances outstanding after 7th of each month. Thank you

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