Learning Through Play

The learning schedules are devised to be both developmental and fun so that children learn through play.

Our management and staff work together to plan the weekly programmes which we display in our nursery. In addition to the weekly programmes there are cultural and topical themes that are developed over a longer period. Children are encouraged to determine what they want to do and this is incorporated into the learning schedules.

We ensure that the learning includes both individual and small group activities to encourage both self reliance and shared goals. We ensure that the schedules are inclusive as we recognise that children may learn in different ways and at different pace.

We welcome feedback from parents and carers on our learning schedules and have a box for parents and carers to make suggestions on topics that should be introduced.

We keep detailed developmental records on all children attending the nursery which are shared with parents and carers. This information can be accessed by parents directly through the web with dedicated passwords. We work with professionals to ensure that the needs of children with special educational needs are supported appropriately.

We organise parents evenings every six months to discuss how things are working for you and to make changes as required.

We aim to work with the community and encourage staff to become involved in local projects that entail partnerships.

We meet with local schools to ensure your child’s seamless transition into primary education.

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