Food And Nutrition

We have food freshly prepared by our cook who is experienced in cooking for children. The recipes have been devised based upon guidance from children’s nutritionists and are healthy, tasty and varied. The menus are displayed in the reception area and we can cater for a range of dietary requirements.

We provide healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon where children are encouraged to choose food and help themselves with support. Children’s preferences and dietary needs will be discussed at registration and any subsequent changes in diet will need to be made known by the parent or carer.

Fresh water is available to the children at all times and we do not serve sugary drinks such as juice or squash

We celebrate children’s birthdays and will make celebratory cakes for sharing but unfortunately we cannot accept home made cakes.

We encourage set times for meals and children sitting together to eat socially.
General social skills are taught such as hand washing prior to eating and brushing of teeth after a meal.

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